Bead Storage Travel Case

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Bead Storage Travel Case
Bead Storage Travel Case
Bead Storage Travel Case


Perfect Organizer

Organize and manage your diamond

beads easily! Includes 60 containers to store all your diamonds! No more

worry about missing them and much more easier to find the one you want

with this case.

Multifunctional Storage Briefcase 

Perfect for storing diamond

painting essentials and can also store tiny materials you need like nail

art embellishments, make up, jewelry, beads, necklaces, rings, charms,

glitter, tablets, pills and other various items.

High Capacity

The Perfect Storage Box can store

up to 60 bottles of your rhinestones, Plus a small pouch at the other

side of the briefcase for your other DP tools like pens, lightpads,

rollers etc! All in one product!

High Quality and Different Colors 

These storage box surface is

smooth, resistant to fall, transparent and easy to see the items in the

box. You can choose from 4 different colors; Blue, Purple, Pink and

Black, for your Perfect Storage Box.

Diamond Painting Beads Protector

The case contains 60 little boxes,

all grids are separated, the outer box and inner grids can be used

separately. Bottles are packed in one big briefcase and it can provide

your diamond beads with double seal. It can also protect them from dust

or rust, keeping all your crafting and beading supplies in one neat and

organized spot.


Item Type:Diamond Painting Beads Case

Material:Composite Materials



Item Size:31*21*8cm/12.2*8.3*3.1"(L*W*H)

Net Weight: 1100g/10.6oz


1*Diamond Painting Beads Case


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